DSC_2051-1-2An alchemist artist, David Gonzalez began his craft in the steel and welding trade 23 years ago in his hometown of Albuquerque, NM. His start in the world of steel began as a job working on overseas storage containers. It was here he received mentoring from his boss/friend, Kevin Boyd, as he began dabbling in metal art.

After three years, David moved to San Diego, CA, and landed a job in a structural steel shop. Having access to the shop on weekends, he began to dive deeper into steel art and learn more about this artist medium. His newly found passion for knowledge and skills on the process of transforming metal into art began to grow into metal alchemy. As he slowly began to accumulate his own tools through the years, he setup space in his home to allow more time to create his art.

Living in San Diego for 11 years, he created his business Iron Insanity, and continued growing his knowledge and passion for his art, which became his sanctuary when he experienced a broken heart. Feeling a pull for a needed change, David decided to quit his 2nd place of employment of eight years, cash in his retirement, and moved to British Columbia, Canada, to concentrate on steel sculpture. After living in the Canadian mountains for six months, he again felt the pull of change, and packed up his things and headed south into the states. He notes, “Friends asked me where I was headed and I had no idea. All I could tell them is that I’m looking for work on the road and where ever I find it, then that’s where the Universe is placing me.”

The Universe placed him in Portland, OR. Knowing no one and having no job, he turned to his skills in the welding trade and landed a job to support him. His openness for new experiences brought personal connections with like-minded people and lead to opportunities to share his love of metal art. His inner alchemist did not wane and his heart told him he needed to live his passion. He made the leap of faith, and left his job to do what he knew in his heart was his calling, to be in the studio full time and transform metal into art. In addition to creating metal art, he opened up his studio as a classroom to share his knowledge and skills with students of all ages. His Personal growth and growth in his art transformed his business from Iron Insanity to David Gonzalez Sculpture.

Today, David is surrounded by talented artists as a member within the Pacific Northwest Sculptors group. He has received five awards for his sculptures at the Curious Gallery exhibition held in Portland Oregon, and has provided metal art to other local establishments. He comments, “I have been very blessed with the people and friends and I’ve connected with here in Portland.”

As a self-taught artist, he is honored to be part of the artist community that Wells & Verne showcases. As one of the main establishments that have supported and encouraged his many creations, they provide a positive space to show and sell his custom jewelry and sculptures.