The sculptures channeled through me are a manifestation of raw emotion, often displaying a darker esthetic of one’s reality, and tend to be esoteric in nature. I create pieces exploring the multidimensional beauty found in the world and self, a beauty which can be seen or felt. Each piece worked is created with hopes of invoking deep connection to one’s experiences in life, bring healing and understanding whether it be an emotional connection, interpersonal learning, or a deeper attunement to the world around them.

There must be balance for life to flow smoothly: there is no light without darkness, no good without bad, no positive without negative and no life without death. We are complex creatures navigating an existence of emotion, processing our human experience, all while learning along the way. Everything is in process, happening just as it is meant to be, and it may serve each of us well to be present and remain mindful as we travel our unique and intertwined paths. With these sculptures and jewelry, I hope others are inspired to feel deeply, find healing and perhaps experience the world through a different lens, offering a new glimpse outside of our comfort zone.